Celtic Fan visiting Leipzig in October

  • Sorry for my use of English.

    I'm a Celtic fan living in Montreal Canada. I was born in Scotland and moved to Montreal for work 5 years ago.

    A few of us from the Montreal Celtic Supporters club are visiting Leipzig for the game against RB Leipzig.

    Strangely (and you probably won't believe this) But there is an older guy here in Montreal who formally lived in Leipzig and supports Chemie. (if you are reading this Michael Murray - Hello).

    He doesn't support Celtic, he likes the local MLS team and follows Chemie scores online. He told me a little of Chemie and how you are the working mans team of Leipzig.

    Normally if I was going to an away game I'd reach out to the supporters of the team we are playing for some friendly advice on places to drink etc.

    However, I'm completely repulsed by the commercialized horror of that Red Bull FRANCHISE that pollutes your city.

    These days when you type into google "best places to drink" or "best pubs" in a city, you get horribly pretentious suggestions of fancy wine bars to drink in.

    I've no interest in that. I'd be keen to take my party to traditional Leipzig pubs and bars and if possible bars or places to sample the legitimate football culture of your city.

    Do you have any advice on places to check out or avoid?

    Are there any Chemie bars where I could pick up my friend a scarf?

  • Hello ...........

    The scarf is not the problem you can buy on chemie-leipzig.de/fanshop online.

    Fankneipen the best ask the pub, because of the opening hours, etc. otherwise the club you want to visit there in Leipzig not very popular.